5 Month Old Among Displaced In Benue Floods

5 Month Old Among Displaced In Benue Floods

As unprecedented floods continue to ravage Makurdi and other communities in Benue State Nigeria, victims are helpless and hopeless as there seems to be no help in sight.

KiNG JAMES YiYE reports from Makurdi

The skies are heavily dark, a sign that the rains may come again bringing this filthy and destructive unwanted waters. There is agony and pain in the eyes of those mostly affected; the old, women and children. They are hungry, tired and homeless.

Mnena’s Baby, 5 months old, cold and hungry. Caught up in this flood

5 month old baby Nguwasen not properly dressed for the cold is innocently looking around as her little sister is carrying her while her mother uses a piece of wooden plank as a makeshift canoe to sail their household items across their street now a stream.

Mnena uses last strain of energy to sail her belongings

Baby Nguwasen’s mother Mnena herself, a mother of two has been exhausted from packing her household belonging since morning. I spotted her struggling to keep her improvised kitchen box from sinking but the water overpowered her. Mnena’s box kitchen has a local charcoal stove and some pots with food items for her small family in it, but sailing those across what was formerly a street leading to their home, now more like a straying stream has not been possible. She still has a long way to go and it’s getting dark.

Mnena Gets A Helping Hand

Mnena Ijir, a woman in her late 20’s says her husband has traveled and she has to face this plight alone. Her older daughter is 6 years old but has been faced with a situation she has to bear. She has been helping her mother with the baby since morning and this family of 3 is desperately hungry.

This mother of 2 has finally got a temporary shelter about 6 compounds away from theirs on the hilly side of the neighbourhood. An uncompleted room with no door and no windows. There is firewood and charcoal scattered all over the rough and cold floor, the room is unkempt and the pepper’s burning sensation in my nose is unbearable, but this room remains this family’s saving grace for the moment.

Mnena’s other items

Mnena all wet with pots and cooking utensils

Mnena and her daughters are just one of the hundreds of families displaced by this raging flood and one feeling keeps coming up from victims, there is no meaningful response from Government Agencies mandated to bring relieve to people facing such emergencies. One resident told me that the excuse Government keeps giving about people building on sanitary lines is only an excuse to run away from it’s responsibilities.

Mnena sails her soaked box and other items to safety

Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom had visited some of the affected areas but victims say, they need action not promises.

As I move around, I will keep bring the updates from Makurdi.

Mnena finally gets soaked box and other items to safety

Mnena makeshift shelter

ASKiNG RADiO’s Tim Cuttings talks to Mnena

Tired and exhausted, Mnena looks forward for help




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