Benue Killings: Fulani Ambushed Man, Cut His Hands

Benue Killings: Fulani Ambushed Man, Cut His Hands | News | Naka, Benue | May 6

Tyôakaa is lying on the village hospital bed, his wife Catherine is sitting close to him with little hope for her husband who went to look for food on the farm but was attacked by Fulani herdsmen who ambushed him.

Narrating his ordeal in a broken voice to ASKiNG RADiO Tiv Reporter Tim Cuttings Agber who visited the hospital, Tyôakaa said he and his son were on the farm when they came under attack.

“My son was working on the farm while I was watching his bike when two Fulani men appeared from behind and attacked me, I tried to fight back but they overpowered me and cut my hands with their long cutlasses…”

Tyôakaa said the Fulani herdsmen who attacked him ran away quickly after cutting his hands but he couldn’t see where they fled to because of the deep pains he felt.

He said, Soldiers in a truck saw him but only told him ‘sorry’ and drove away.

Yôôn Unôngu said, they heard cow mooing and suspected Fulani herdsmen were close-by, it was then they mobilized and entered the farms when they discovered Tyôakaa lying helplessly from the attack.

Fulani herdsmen had attacked the Igyôr-Awuna Community in Gwer West, Local Government Area and other communities of the State, killing, maiming and raping women in the process.

Nigerian Soldiers were drafted to the Naka area but they ended up killing people and burning houses under the pretext, a soldier was killed, an allegation the villages denied, saying it was enemy who came for attack and not a soldier.

Catherine looks to God as she looks after Tyôakaa who has been attacked by Fulani herdsmen


Yôôn Unôngu tells ASKiNG RADiO’s Tim Cuttings how they discovered Tyôakaa on the farm


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