Benue Killings: My Slain Son’s Wife Gave Birth ‘Yesterday’-Bereaved Father

Benue Killings: My Slain Son’s Wife Gave Birth ‘Yesterday’-Bereaved Father | News | Makurdi | Jan 19, 2018

‘Bring one coffin here, there is an empty grave on this row’, was the audible voice I could hear in the midst of the deafening silence of tears as Benue buried 73 innocent citizens murdered by Fulani.

Standing by one of the graves which was yet covered was father of one of the 73 people murdered in cold blood by Fulani herders.

He told ASKiNG RADiO Tiv that his son’s widow gave birth to a baby boy, a day to the mass burial. “Inasmuch as I want to believe it is God who gives life and takes it, my son was too young to be killed by Fulani…I am sad…”.

He broke down in tears and when he recovered, he cried to the Benue State Government to assist in taking care of his grand child.

Father of slain young man whose widow gave birth a day earlier and other mourners watch as their loved ones are buried

For Kaor Chia Surma, the Tiv people are not cowards but peace loving and they exhibit this to the fullest but the Fulani should stop seeing this as a sign of weakness.

Steven Orya Acka said he was greatly pained most especially as women and children are being murdered daily by the Fulani which is against the Geneva Convention Law even in a war situation, “in this case, we are are being attacked right in our ancestral homes with pregnant women ripped and foetuses exposed and killed”, he said.

Also seen standing by the graves with hands across his chest in shock is Rev. Fr. Ityaegh Godwin who is the Parish Priest of St. Augustine Quasi-Parish Umenger. He told ASKiNG RADiO’s Reporter Tim Cuttings Agber that he identified 6 of his Parishioners among the dead buried today.

Governor Samuel Ortom had alerted the Federal Government and all Security Agencies in the country about the Fulani Herdsmen Union’s threat to attack his people but nothing was done til this massacre took place on New Year’s Day.

Many have criticized President Mohammadu Buhari’s poor response to these killings in Benue, saying he was only interested in protecting his kinsmen and their cattle rather than the people he took an oath to defend and protect.

Most of the Benue citizens who spoke to ASKiNG RADiO said, ‘enough is enough’.

Corpses murdered by Fulani herders being conveyed to be given mass burial

KiNG JAMES YiYE from Makurdi.


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