Breaking News! Car In Mystery Crash Was Stolen!!

Breaking News! Car In Mystery Crash Was Stolen!!

Car owner had no idea of where his car has been taken to for over a week, til I called this afternoon to refer him to for details of the story we published.

Apparently, he had reported the case to the Police in Makurdi but nobody had an idea the vehicle has been suffering serious lashing from the rain for nearly 10 days.

Car owner’s details were gotten by ASKiNG RADiO Investigative Team after a week of tireless efforts

Following our investigation on the ‘mystery car crash’ near Naka, in Benue State Nigeria, we just found out from the owner that the said car was stolen from where his Wife parked at the Makurdi Modern Market.

He says all items seen in the car belong to the Wife.

There was little or no effort from anyone (but ASKiNG RADiO Team) to find out who was driving the Toyota Camry Car at the time of the crash because, villagers simply believed the victims used supernatural powers to fly away from the wreckage.

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Edited by KiNG JAMES YiYE |

Reported by Tim Cuttings in Naka |

1st Published Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Registration number suggests the owner may be within the state



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