Police Kill Cyclist in Naka, Injure Many

Police Kill Cyclist in Naka, Injure Many | News | Naka | March 13

The Police in Naka have shot and killed an unarmed person in what appears to be unprofessional conduct.

This has followed serious rioting and more trouble ongoing in the area.

Eyewitness reports we have received from Naka, Gwer West Local Government Area of Benue State say, the Police had stopped a pick-up van carrying wood because the driver was sounding a siren.

But trouble erupted when they arrested the driver and took him to the Naka Divisional Office where the Divisional Police Officer denied giving anyone the right to sound siren and drove-off.

The Police started throwing tear gas when people started gathering, then they followed with live bullets when people threw stones at them which killed one person and injured many others.

The situation in the area is very tense and the Military have moved to assist the Police but more trouble is going on especially with cover of night.

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