Buhari’s Visit To Benue Like Bush In Iraq

Buhari’s Visit To Benue Like Bush In Iraq | News | Makurdi | March 13


“I am not promising anything…”, he told Benue People. Watch video here

President Mohammadu Buhari visited Benue State on Monday, a visit many viewed as mockery on a people continuously killed by Buhari’s kinsmen, the nomadic Fulani herdsmen.

ASKiNG RADiO Senior Report KiNG JAMES YiYE who went out early to talk to people described the situation in Makurdi the Benue State Capital as being more like President George Bush visiting Iraq.

Dozens of hungry and stern looking Police personnel lined up on both sides of residential and commercial streets in the scorching Makurdi sun.

Fighter jets and Military Choppers hovered the skies at very low altitude sending fears and causing noise pollution.

Armoured tanks were well positioned at entry points to the city, major highways and access roads were all blocked leaving people stranded and businesses paralysed.


A close look at this photo shows vehicles trying to find paths even in people’s compounds. More than 20 other vehicles were lined up behind ours as there was no access to the major Old Otukpo.

People we spoke to ASKiNG RADiO said, the empty streets that welcomed Buhari to Benue was a clear sign the people were not happy with the President’s ‘ineptitude’ to the killings in Benue by his kinsmen. One man said, “it was such a shame that Buhari was coming to mock the dead”.


Presidential Blunders

‘I am not promising anything here until when I come back for campaigns…’. Click to watch video here

Mohammadu Buhari while on a similar visit to neighbouring Taraba State recently compared the number of deaths in Benue with those at the Mambilla in Taraba saying those in Taraba were more. A comparison that caused a lot of social and political uproar because those killed at the Mambilla were believed to be Fulani.

And yesterday in Benue, Buhari admitted he was hearing for the first time that the Inspector General of Police did not obey Presidential Orders to stay in Benue but moved to Nasarawa within 24 hours of his arrival to Makurdi.

Many took to Facebook to ask President Buhari few questions:

Screenshot of an open message to Buhari on Facebook

With all the security in place, President Buhari was seen uncomfortably seated at the Government House, this mood was described by one Respondent as ‘that of a guilty man betrayed by his conscience’.

Democratic Dictatorship

During President Mohammadu Buhari’s visit to Benue, internet and public communications signals were jammed, Journalists were not allowed to cover the event save for the Federal Government owned and controlled National Television, the NTA.

Protests were not allowed in whatever form.

Some young people who held a protest banner were roughly handled by the State Security Service and the banners seized

Journalists seen in this photo were not allowed access to the hall where Mohammadu Buhari held talks with select Benue Elders

Military Head of State Mohammadu Buhari had enacted Decree 4 in 1984 where he jailed Journalists for publishing factual news which he (Buhari) felt was pre-emptive of Government Policies.


One of the Protesters here told ASKiNG RADiO they were chased by State Security Officials and their banner seized.

From what I have followed in recent times, President Mohammadu Buhari’s visit to Benue is seemingly the hardest decision he has taken in recent times.

The body language is and has been clear, Benue People are angry at his handling of the killings in the State by the Fulani.

Buhari however told them to exercise restraint and learn to live in peace with the Fulanis this, ‘me and your Governor will leave but you and the cattle breeders will always live together’, he said.

And inspite of President Buhari’s obviously confessed failure in taming the incessant killings by his kinsmen, he has hinted coming back in 2019 to answer some of the questions thrown at him by the Benue People.

Coming back in 2019 has been interpreted to mean the commencement of his re-election campaign in Benue but only time will tell.

KiNG JAMES YiYE in Makurdi


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