Doctors Forgot 12 inch tube in 50 Year Old Russian Woman’s Stomach

Doctors Forgot 12 inch tube in 50 Year Old Russian Woman’s Stomach

-The unnamed woman was given the feeding tube after having a stroke in 2000
-Reports suggest doctors forgot to remove a part of the tubing near her stomach
-The mistake was only uncovered recently when she went to hospital in Ulan-Ude

A Russian woman has spent two decades living with a 12-inch tube embedded in her stomach after an alleged surgical blunder.
The unidentified patient, 50, had the rubber tube put in after suffering a stroke in 2000. It was designed to keep her fed in intensive care.
But, local reports suggest that doctors forgot to remove one part of the tubing near her stomach. Somehow, it caused no symptoms.
The mistake was only uncovered recently when she went to the hospital in Ulan-Ude, close to the Mongolian border, for a regular check-up.

Doctors at the Republican Clinical Hospital did a full body examination and found a ‘strange dark object’ in the patient’s stomach, near the intestines.

The woman reportedly said she never had a clue that the probe had been left as she had never felt any discomfort, according to Sibnet.
Dr Pavel Tverdokhlebov, based at the hospital, recently removed the tube and said the woman is recovering well from surgery.

What did the hospital say?

A report released by the hospital said: ‘A woman underwent a stroke at the age of 33, treated her in one of the Ulan-Ude hospitals.

Feeding tubes are often given to patients in intensive care who struggle to eat normally due to their condition.

They are essential to make sure the patient doesn’t become malnourished – which could hamper their immune system.

But they can lead to side effects, such as gastric reflux. But this Russian patient reported no such complications.

The most common tube is a nasogastric tube, which is a thin tube that is put into the nose and down their throat into the stomach.

Source: Critical Care Nutrition

‘During which she was fed to the stomach through a probe during the intensive care period, some of which were later left or forgotten.

‘The patient went on the amendment, left, no one remembered the probe. With a foreign body longer than 30 centimeters, the young woman lived for 17 years.’

Commenting on the story in the Russian media, shocked readers said it highlighted the ‘stupid medical care’.

They also questioned how many other people may still have foreign bodies from operations years ago.



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