El-Rufai’s Shameless Visit To Benue

El-Rufai’s Shameless Visit To Benue | Opinion | Abuja | Jan 19, 2018

A SHAMELESS VISIT by Tersoo Zamber

For me, the visit of Kaduna state Governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and 6 others to their Benue state counterpart, Samuel Ortom in Makurdi today is hypocritical, shameless and needless.
I expected the governors to have identified with their colleague who buried 73 citizens in one day last week on that day of mass burial.

My reasons are:

  1. Apart from being colleagues, they belong to the same party.
  2. They were all in the country on that day.
  3. The incident was, and is still painful enough to make them not to desert their colleague when it mattered most.

Instead, they chose to converge on Aso Rock Villa to endorse PMB for second term.

The endorsement was completely out of place because the event of that day, to any patriotic Nigerian was the mass burial in Makurdi.

The manner in which Gov. El-Rufai even said it, “we have no apology to anyone……. ” was unacceptable.

It simply meant, they didn’t care about the loss of innocent citizens.

Today, they are in Makurdi, to do what?
To pretend I guess.

Some will say, it is better late than never.
But, for me, in this case, it is better never than late.

I just hope Governor Ortom will read their actual intention and not tender apology.

Tersoo writes from Abuja.


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