Flood Returns To Benue

Flood Returns To Benue

Floods have returned to Makurdi, Benue State in Central Nigeria following hours of heavy rain in the city. ASKiNG RADiO Reporter Terkura David reports.

Residence badly affected are those around Gyado Villa on Gboko Road which is few meters away from the Benue State University. In one compound, the water was at my waist level when I got there at about 07:30 this morning.

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Isaac Bemshima a University Student who could not go for his semester examination on time said giving rice to flood victims and keeping them in camps is ‘medicine after death’, “what we need is a good drainage system…you can see this level of damage for yourself, mattresses are all submerged, can you see those bikes there? Everything is under water”

Monica Adika is another University Student who is also a mother, showed me all her books and those of her children in water.

To be able to reach more people to talk to me, I had to enter water above my waist in some areas. There was despair, anguish, and pain on the faces of traders I spoke with, Grace Awusa showed me completely soaked food items in her small shop. I could see bags of beans, rice and flour all gone with the muddy waters. “Even though I woke up when the rain was falling too much but there was no dry land to take any to put anything on top, so I left them in the water”.

The trauma in this area especially on the faces of children was very pathetic, for now, they are hoping the Government will find a lasting solution to this problem which has been happening.

Benjamin Adika an electrician who is a house owner said, himself and his family have been awake since 12 in the morning trying to evacuate his property but there was no place to keep anything, he said residence of the Gyado Villa may be given rice and mattresses but those won’t help, he showed me all he has lost; television, radio set, generators, clothes, books and other items all lost in the water, “I was born here, I have seen this year in year out. We don’t need rice and promises, what I want is permanent solution, government should build a good drainage to the riverside, that is all we need in this community”, he said.

This area of Makurdi was the worst hit in 2012 when the floods came, at the moment, memories of 2012 are just about to resurface.



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