After Harvey, Now Irma Is Lashing

After Harvey, Now Irma Is Lashing

As survivors return to their homes after Hurricane Harvey displaced more than a million people particularly in Texas, United States, the Caribbean is being lashed by a wave of hurricane Irma.

KiNG JAMES YiYE looks at the ravaging wave of hurricanes and floods around the world beginning with Irma.

Hurricane Irma is continuing its lashing across the Caribbean with devastating effect on Haiti, St. Martin, Samana and other places.

In Samana, in the eastern Dominican Republic, the United Nations Development Programme or UNDP is among the international effort to send experts to help recovery.

UNDP Photographer, Alejandro Adames sent along photos of some of the destruction: structures sliding into the sea, a road with a cavernous space eroded beneath it, downed wires and trees. Irma is moving north of Hispanolia, on course between the island and the British territories of Turks and Caicos, heading toward the southern Bahamas.

Irma in Samana, Dominican Republic

Beth Carroll, a coordinator with the Catholic Relief Services, is in Haiti on the other side of the island, which has suffered raking winds from the titanic hurricane. “Poor drainage in the low-lying northern coastal areas mean that even a small amount of rain can cause extensive flooding,” she said. “The rain and winds expected from Irma, which promises to be a monster of a storm, will potentially cause catastrophic flooding and landslides. That’s why we are so concerned now.”

Florida governor: ‘storm surges could cover your house’

Miami-Dade expands evacuation zones

And in Benue State, Nigeria, hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by the ravaging floods which turned streets into streams.

Benue Floods Victims move items on their heads


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