The Holland Flower Parade

The Holland Flower Parade

There is a strong love for flowers in most European countries, KiNG JAMES YiYE takes a look at this blooming lifestyle.

Of all European countries and gardens I have visited, I reserve my love for the amazing Geneva Garden Clock found at the English Garden. However, the Netherlands remains the center of flower production for the European floral market, as well as a major international supplier to other continents.

The flower auction at Aalsmeer is the largest flower market in the world. Since the mid-1970’s, the production and distribution of cut-flowers in the Netherlands has burgeoned. In 1995 alone, Dutch growers produced over 8 billion blooms and the flower auctions collectively traded more than 5.4 billion guilders, that’s about $3.2 billion in cut flowers and potted plants alone, contributing over 4 billion guilders annually to the Dutch balance of trade.

The annual Flower Parade

Also known as Bloemencorso in Dutch, the annual Holland Flower Parade is a feast brimming with beautiful colors and delicious perfumes. Twenty huge floats and thirty lavishly decorated cars follow a 42 kilometre route from Noordwijk to Haarlem. Hundreds of thousands of visitors from Holland and abroad are drawn to the colorful flower spectacle every year. Come early to find a good spot along the road and get the most from the Flower Parade.

  • An annual feast of beautiful colors.
  • A 42 kilometer route from Noordwijk to Haarlem.
  • The route passes the Keukenhof

    From Noordwijk to Haarlem

    The Flower Parade starts Saturday at 9.30 a.m. and finishes in Haarlem at 9 p.m. Around 3.30 p.m. the Flower Parade passes the Keukenhof.

    On Sunday, you can admire the work put into the Flower Parade in Haarlem, where the floats remain on view until 5p.m.

    Flower your Life

    Millions of flowers and the work of hundreds of volunteers make the most amazing flower parade in the world possible. Make sure you find a good spot along the route, because hundreds of thousands of spectators don’t want to miss a second of this spectacular sight.

    Apart from the beauty flowers present, they also provide some sweet smelling scent. Flowers are life.

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