Meet Agbile Gema From No. 1 Golozo Clan

Meet Agbile Gema From No. 1 Golozo Clan | Music | Ikyumbur, Nigeria | March 15

Agbile Gema Jombur Nongur is a prolific dancer, composer and singer from Ikyumbur, in Mbatyav Clan of Benue State Nigeria.

In this interview with ASKiNG RADiO Tiv Presenter, Nomor Tim Cuttings Agber, Agbile says he started singing as a Soldier of the Nigerian Army during the Nigeria Civil War in 1967.

He later became a full time Commercial Entertainer in 1973 when he organised boys to form his Ichôvul Band.


Agbile Gema and Tim Cuttings

Agbile Gema comes from a family of musicians and entertainers, his father, Gema Jombur was himself a prolific Jiga dancer and composer who met his mother during one of his dance tours at Ukan.

His Uncle Zai Alagh was a Swange Musician, “Yange M vine Swange la tsembelee je, shi yange M lu show promoter u numben a mi hen Tar Tiv ga” (I used to dance in this band very well…I was a serious show promoter here in Tar Tiv), he says. As a matter of fact, he and his Uncle Zai were performing at Otukpo in Benue State during the war before Agbile joined the Army.

Details of this interview ON AiR on ASKiNG RADiO Tiv Thursday March 15, 2018 at 8pm and Friday at 11am (Nigerian Time).

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ASKiNG RADiO Tiv 2018


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