Meet Ver Ikeseh, The Nomadic Artist

Meet Ver Ikeseh, The Nomadic Artist | Features | Ver Ikeseh | April 15

Always moving with his creative ideas and creating impressions on the move.

Ver Ikeseh in his studio

Ver Ikeseh is the Chief Executive Officer of Abeda Etcetera.  A trained Visual Artist with a Bachelors of Arts (Fine Arts) from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in Northern Nigeria.

Ver Ikeseh also has two art related Master Degrees from University of Ibadan, Nigeria and Leiden University, Leiden the Netherlands.

Ver has exhibited his works in several National and International Art Exhibitions with several commissions. He is inspired by patterns and motifs on African print wax…and has explored with African wax in his work for the past decade. His works address everyday challenges in Africa but also showcase the beauty of life in Africa.

ASKiNG RADiO Senior Reporter KiNG JAMES YiYE puts some questions to the Artist on the move

What is your impression of the statement artists are born not made?

To me the statement is true to an extent, which means some people are more talented than others in certain areas however everyone has an innate ability to learn art or anything creative. So, yes, it might come more natural for others however with determination and persistence anyone can learn art. For instance I am the worse dancer in Nigeria but with determination to learn I sure can. So is art.


What motivated you to study fine arts?


For me initially it was more of living my life and earning cash and then later on living my life and earning a degree. At age 12 I started earning from making cards and drawings. Wow! Earning that early in Nigeria was a big deal for me. I knew it could not get better than that. I just loved the freedom artists have, being their own boss and also creating out of nothing. Again I have always dreaded sitting in offices and signing files.

What else would you have studied?

I guess Architecture. Especially because of my love for drawing and aesthetics on buildings. Infact my recent explorations are spatial designs (and art in public spaces).

What’s that weird thing about the life of a nomadic artist?

Nothing too serious but like a nomadic herdsman or military personnel you have to be ready to move any time. So I pack my life such that I can create works anywhere (new commissions at location and pending jobs). I don’t need a formal professional studio for instance to work. I can work under the tree or in a single room anywhere anytime. This is also because I travel alot due to my art and other engagements. Sometimes I travel for overseas a month so imagine if I have to wait till I return home to work. So having a specific place where I work would limit me and the amount of art I would make. My nomadic art practice also define the phrase “an artist without borders”.

How do people around you cope?

Most people close to me have become very used to it. I am also used to working with people around. I often work in open spaces and I love it when people spectate or even criticize. Some artist find people’s presence (while they work) distracting but I enjoy it. I look forward to them enjoying my work. And sometimes I involve friends, family or even passers by and we all work together.

How has New Media aided or distracted your work?

New media has been such a great tool. I have been inspired beyond comprehension in the last 2 years. I have met and even engaged celebrities online. I get to market myself and products without even leaving my house or studio. About 80% of my current commissions are via social media.


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