You Must Not Be Rich To Invest-Alfred Adem

You Must Not Be Rich To Invest-Alfred Adem

Alfred Adem is the new Managing Director of the Benue Investment & Property Company Limited or BIPC with headquarters in Makurdi, Benue State in Central Nigeria.

He says one must not be exceedingly rich, or they must have so much resources to be able to invest in his company, adding that he will work quickly to improve on the poor investment culture of majority of his people.

ASKiNG RADiO Senior Reporter, KiNG JAMES YiYE was at the Investment House | News | | June 11

Alfred Adem who was speaking Monday afternoon in Makurdi in an ‘interactive session’ with Journalists said, to help encourage people to invest in the BIPC,  the Company will partner with the Media to reach out to the people through enlightenment and information, “we will ensure that we reach out”, he added…

Managing Director, Benue Investment & Property Company Limited, Mr. Alfred Adem in an interactive meeting with the Media in Makurdi, June 11, 2018

The BIPC, he said is supposed to be carrying out Consultancy Services to Government, Ministries, Departments and Agencies, on this, he suggested the Company needs to do more than it has been doing and perform to the fullest.

He said the BIPC will make the average Benue person understand that, with as low as fifty thousand naira (N50,000.00) which is about $138, they can start an investment portfolio and watch it grow over time, saying there are Professionals at the BIPC to give people the confidence they need to trust the BIPC and invest in the Company and elsewhere in the State.

According Adem, the BIPC has been in existence in the last 39 years, “so many companies that came into existence as at thesame time with BIPC have gone underground, those that have not gone underground are semi-moribund, but you can see that BIPC is still standing and very very strong”.

He said he took over the BIPC as a vibrant Company with a very solid asset base and has the capacity to bring investors to revamp ailing Benue Companies like the Taraku Mills, Mango and Tomato  Juice Factory and so many others.

He said as the economic driver of Benue State, the new BIPC Management will take charge of Benue commodities ensuring agric produce get the right pricing and farmers who are the producers are not exploited. “We had a test run with paddy rice, soybeans and sesame. We intend to expand this commodity trading and stabilize prices”.

He said the BIPC has the capacity to perform the function of a Commodities Board and that is what the Company will be doing. “In terms of agric, we intend to stabilize prices, and ensure that we always get the surplus, store them and then, offload them at the appropriate time”.

Adem said the BIPC has an understanding with Flour Mills of Nigeria to off-take atleast a minimum of 500 metric tones of soybean from Benue among so many other arrangements in place.

The new Managing Director said he plans to make the Company better than what it is.

He was accompanied to the meeting by the Company Secretary and Group Head of Corporate Services, Prince Terfa Toryem and the Group Head, Audit & Control, Mr. Amity Agi Ijuwo


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