Mystery Car Crash in Benue: victims ‘flew away’

Mystery Car Crash in Benue: victims ‘flew away’

Edited by KiNG JAMES YiYE |

Reported by Tim Cuttings in Naka |

Published Tuesday, August 22, 2017

In what appears to be to be a mystery accident in Naka, Gwer West Area of Benue State, the victims were said to have flown away from the wreck using supernatural powers.

Our Reporter saw Ladies’ shoes. PHOTO:


Airbags deflated, car on low gear. PHOTO:

Eye Witness Adagune

According to eye witness who is simply identified as Adagune, the accident which occurred Monday afternoon involving a Toyota Camry Sedan car with Benue registration number attracted other villagers’ attention who joined him for rescue, but on rushing there, the victims were not found, a ‘strange’ situation the villagers believed was mysterious probably with the aid of ‘charms’ or akpagher in Tiv.


Baby items seen on back seat. PHOTO:

ASKiNG RADiO Staff, Tim Cuttings on assignment in Naka says the car was heading to Tse-Kough, a nearby village on the way to Kogi State.

Car must have somersaulted severally. PHOTO:

Tim who got to the accident scene under two hours says, it appears the accident was a lone one as no other vehicle or animal was seen. He saw a pair of ladies’ shoes on the passenger side and broken pieces of compact discs and what appears to be baby shawl on the back seat.

Editors’s Observation

From the photos brought in by Tim Cuttings, the car must have somersaulted severally before finally wedging on fallen trees to its final halt.

The windows were all open, and given that this was not on a major road, the occupants may not have been wearing their seat belts and may have been thrown out in the nearby bushes.

The villages however told Tim that, they searched everywhere in the bushes but the victims remained missing.

We will update you as we do more investigation on this


More photos:

Compact Discs and spanners scattered all over. PHOTO:


Car suffered great windshield damage. PHOTO:


Driver’s side mostly affected. PHOTO:


Registration number suggests the owner may be within the state. PHOTO:


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