Opinion: How Governor Ortom met Ex-Governor Suswam at Abuja Event

Opinion: How Governor Ortom met Ex-Governor Suswam at Abuja Event


I happened to be at the public presentation of the book “Constitutional Misconception of Secularism and Implications for Politics and Religion in Nigeria” authored by Rev. Fr. (Dr) Gabriel Terwase Ngbea, at Yar’Adua centre, Abuja.
Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State, the Chief Host was already seated with the Mother of the Day, Mrs. Regina Akume next to him on his right on the high table.

All of a sudden, former Governor Gabriel Suswam walked into the hall with some of his Apostles and there was a somewhat uneasy calm, characterised by impromptu consultations, sighs and whisperings among some of the event planners and high table members including the Governor and Mrs. Akume.

Suswam sat in the audience just by the entrance door but was quickly ushered to the high table.
Before he sat down, he shock hands with all on the high table including the Governor.

The Governor in his welcome speech, explained how the two variables of the book, Politics and Religion had caused the country some pains due to wrong perception and practice.
I totally agree with the Governor.

Former Governor Suswam however declined to talk when it was time for him to do so, but gave an undisclosed amount for the book.

Could this be because his name was not on the list of guests in the program of events?
Well, I join some of the speakers at the event to congratulate the author, Fr. Ngbea for bringing together these two leaders who have left no in doubt that they have scores to settle but can also let go of them.

Sometime ago, when we organized a similar event, our attempt to bring the two leaders together was vehemently rejected by the author himself for reasons till date I cannot comprehend.
If they insist on the former, the people they lead will continue to suffer for it and it won’t be in their interest whatsoever.
If they have resolved to do the later, which is the expectation of many, then they should be sincere and prove that it’s not just a public show.

Benue State, particularly Tiv people have suffered everything on this planet, largely due to lack of unity amongst their leaders first and foremost.

Followers of the two leaders should take advantage of this opportunity to bridge the gap and cement the crack where there is any.
There is enough to go round if we are truthful, but the enough can’t satisfy our greed even if we are divided. Together we stand!

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Gbidye Tor-usu Zamber, this is good for Tiv nation. The two cannot continue to live like cat and dogs. They should close ranks and forge the agenda of Tivness for the progress of Tiv nation.I expect to see more of this Réunion some other time.

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Ezekiel Gbileh Gundu What was attitude of Mrs Akume to Suswam? As for Ortom, I would say it was a commendable public show
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Prince Tyodoo Livinus Good one my brother, Tersoo Zamber. One of your best outings in recent times.

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Orsar Terngu Sir, Ezekiel Gbileh Gundu @ your question; they hardly stoop so low ignoring ordinary greetings of their political foes. Hands shake, body hugs, smiles are exchanged, but hearts are very far apart. Followers only need to curb their excesses by deducing from this action.

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