Rats Take Over Nigeria President Buhari’s Office

Rats Take Over Nigeria President Buhari’s Office

Concerned Nigerians want to know President Buhari’s Health Status


While Nigeria’s President Mohammadu Buhari was away in the United Kingdom for over three months on Medical vacation, many Nigerians asked for the status of their President’s health, but never got answers as one of his aides said on a TV interview, “Mr. Buhari is a private citizen…”

The President has returned home and addressed the Nation in a televised broadcast.

Nigerians however woke up with another shocker from Buhari’s spokesman Garba Shehuthat, that the President won’t be working from his office as rats have destroyed furniture and air-conditioning system while the President was away.

He told the BBC the president had a “well-equipped” office at home that he could work “perfectly” from.


“There’s nothing at all to worry about as to the condition of his own health. From everything we have seen from the president – we have a new Buhari: energetic, well focused and it is clear he is enjoying excellent health,” Mr Shehu told the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme.

“He has recovered, so there is nothing to talk about in any speech.”



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