St. Andrew’s Secondary School Adikpo Marks 50 Years

St. Andrew’s Secondary School Adikpo Marks 50 Years | News | SASSA | Nov 28

As the St. Andrew’s Old Boys Association or SAOBA begins activities marKiNG 50 years since the school was established, ASKiNG RADiO Senior Reporter, KiNG JAMES YiYE himself an Old Boy writes on the School and the Golden event.

Established in 1967 by Rev. Fr. Herbert Noonan of the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi, I was admitted into Form One in 1988, when the school was just over 20 years old, the new system of education, the 6-3-3-4 was then introduced in Nigeria the following year, and we moved to Junior Secondary One or JS One and later sat for the Junior Secondary Certificate Examination in 1990 and Senior Secondary Certificate Examination in 1993.

Today, my schoolmates and classmates at St. Andrew’s Secondary School Adikpo or SASSA in Benue State, Nigeria have started arriving for this great event.

A statement from my classmate and President of the SAOBA National Body, Bar. Justin Gbagir says, there will be the Foundation Laying Ceremony for the School Hall at 4pm (15:00 Hours GMT) today at the School Premises. This will be performed by His Lordship, Most Rev. William Avenya, the Catholic Bishop of Gboko Diocese.

Bar. Justin Gbagir, National President SAOBA

Gbagir says, the Adikpo Zone of the Old Boys’ Association will host The Arrival Party at 7pm (18:00 Hours GMT) at Terdoo Guest House, Adikpo.

On Day Two. Gbagir says, there will be a Novelty Football Match between St. Andrew’s Old Boys and Staff of St. Jude’s Tse-Mker at 4pm. Convention and Gala Night is for 7pm where elections will be held to elect new officials for SAOBA.

St. Andrew’s Class of 1993 as Old Boys

As the St. Andrew’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations progress, ASKiNG RADiO will be at the heart of events to keep you updated.


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