Totally ‘80s Music Rewind

Totally ‘80s Music Rewind | News | 80’s Music | Nov 21

ASKiNG RADiO Senior Reporter KiNG JAMES YiYE has followed music for decades, he has been hosting 80’s Muzik Shows ON AiR since 1999.

He looks at the Totally ‘80s concert when it came to the Capitol Theatre, when a generation came together to relive a memorable era in music history.

The show featured pop icon Debbie Gibson and rock-inspired singer Tiffany, hosted by former MTV VJ, Downtown Julie Brown. With ‘80s attire encouraged, a VIP pre-party, and post-show meet and greet, fans had the chance to make it a total ‘80s music experience.

I sat down with Sol Trevino, owner of She Bully Events, to learn her inspiration for bringing musical acts to our community. “For me, it was important to do the show because I wanted one night for people to remember what it felt like when times were simpler,” said Trevino. “I wanted everyone to reminisce and feel what it was again, at whatever age they were when those songs were popular, and what it meant to them. For that moment in time, it didn’t matter what was going on in their world now — parent life, work life, whatever it may be. I wanted to take you back to remember what it felt like to be that person at that time again.”


Product Of The ‘80s

My brother and I were born in the ‘80s and our parents loved music. While we did not always get into what our mom and dad had us listening to on records, cassette tapes, television, or live in concert, it was through them we discovered music at an early age. For my brother, it was Michael Damian. For me, it was Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, and Downtown Julie Brown.

It was nostalgic to see influences from my youth — who shaped my interest in music — perform in concert, decades later. I was taken back to fond moments, having idolized Debbie Gibson during my most impressionable years and still today. Feelings of immense joy came over me, as I got lost in her music once again — this time with a matured appreciation. I saw the woman behind the songwriting, behind the vocals, and behind her beautiful piano-playing — as someone who leads with her heart. Getting the chance to meet my music idol was an unforgettable experience.

Flashback On The Muzik

The popularity of the show led me to ask around the community to hear what locals had to say about their concert experience and share their favorite memories of ‘80s music.

“My experience at the Totally ‘80s concert was amazing! The ‘80s hold incredibly wonderful memories for me, and listening to Debbie Gibson and Tiffany took me right back to that place of joy and freedom in who I was and have become. Their music reminds me of all the fun times I had growing up. It was truly a night to remember!” -Jennifer Berger

“My experience was incredible. It was a total flashback to my childhood. High hair, neon, and jelly bracelets. It was fun to see everyone get into the spirit of dressing up and singing their heart out. Seeing Tiffany, DJB, and Debbie brought back memories of late nights in front of MTV. It brought me back to a time when loud music from a tape took up my attention instead of my eyes glued to my phone. Where I am now started because of that time period and I wouldn’t change it for anything.” -Alicia Cannizzaro.

Excited 80’s Music Fans Jump For Joy Outside Of The Capitol Theatre Just Before The Concert

“My very first tape was Debbie Gibson. I was 7 years old in 1987, the same age as my daughter is now. I remember dreaming that one day, I would write my own songs, sing, dance, and play the piano just like her. She was such a wonderful role model for me. It was magical for me to actually see her in concert 30 years later. Total dream come true!” -Laura Nunez

“I was born in the ‘80s, so I only have a few early memories of the music of that decade. Even so, I was a huge fan of pop star Michael Damian. I can remember eagerly waiting to see his music video of ‘Hey Kids, Rock and Roll’ come on the TV each week on music video countdowns, and singing and dancing to it with family in our living room. He came to Yakima for a concert, which was THE musical event for me at the time. I couldn’t afford a Michael Damian T-shirt, but because I was part of his fan club, I wrote a letter about it and received a free shirt and a phone call from his sister. I was shocked.” -Scott Klepach

“I really enjoyed reliving my ‘Electric Youth.’ As I’ve grown and matured, Tiffany has stayed with me through the years. She’s rock and I really transitioned more into hair bands in the ‘80s.” -Jaclyn Mack

“ ‘80s music and dancing equal my complete happy place. ‘80s music completely transports me back to my living room, watching MTV and dancing with my friends. Singing at the top of your lungs, it was just happy music that made people want to dance. You feel good.” -Chantelle Sliman


“It was so fun to see that Tiffany and Debbie Gibson are touring. Music transports us to a particular time and place sometimes helping us touch the past with a particular fondness. For Generation X growing up in the ‘80s tied music to a new medium, the music video. I remember seeing my first music video on MTV, it was ZZ Top, “Sharp Dressed Man.” It was amazing to have music and video together to tell a larger story. Bright colors, big hair, big sounds — pop music was derided by some for being popular, but its popularity also held something valuable. Unifying us in this thing called life.” -Bruce Smith


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