Are Ugandan Girls This Cheap?

Are Ugandan Girls This Cheap? | Features | Uganda | Dec 20

On Wednesday August 10, the hosts of Touch FM’s Bigger Breakfast Show Maggie and Mistrie held a discussion that painted Ugandan girls as cheap.

During the What say you feature (where they get public opinion about issues), the hosts asked their listeners whether they thought it was okay for girls to “upgrade” the drinks the men would have offered them at a bar.

Apparently, it is rather common for young girls to change to more expensive drinks when a gentleman offers them a drink at the bar. Many male listeners were of the opinion that it is not okay for women to “upgrade” but that is not what was interesting about the show. It was the stories.

They could make you wonder what breed of girls we have in this country. One listener, who goes by the name Crazy told of taking a girl on a date and when she was given the menu, she kept looking at the prices.

“I watched her when they brought the menus and instead of looking at the dishes, she kept checking out the prices,” Crazy narrated.

He added: “When it was time to order, she ordered for the most expensive meal and I asked her, will you be able to eat that?” And Crazy says the girl replied that she would.

However, when the food was delivered, she failed to eat it. Unknowingly, she had ordered snails which they had given some fancy name she could not decipher.

“After the date, I faked an appointment and never saw the girl again,” Crazy said.

After hearing his story, one wonders: what kind of girl was his date? She orders for a dish because it is the most expensive and then fails to ask what exactly it is that she has ordered for! Where’s the logic?

While the girl in question exposed how raw some Ugandan girls are, another that Crazy yet again went on a date with was probably worse.

He says he invited a girl on a date and she turned up with a bevy of other girls. How is that supposed to be a date?

“The girls ordered for wine and since this place was fancy, a bottle went for about Shs 200, 000,” Crazy recalled.

He says that because he did not want to foot the bill, he found his way out of that place (without informing his date and her friends of course).

f my memory serves me right, he said that he went to the “Gents” and never returned.

Various men tell stories of having to use the “Gents” to do a disappearing act when their dates turn up with numerous friends who are looking for a free meal or free drinks.

Because of such stories, one wonders: are Ugandan girls just cheap and unrefined?

Written by Diana Nabiruma


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