My Worry For Tiv Nation

My Worry For Tiv Nation

By Ukan Kurugh

How can a man like MOSES K. TULE

A Director, Monetary policy development Central Bank of Nigeria, with Skills and Expertise in;
Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Exchange rate, Foreign exchange, International finance, Inflation targeting, Quantitative finance, Economic forecasting, Volatility modeling, Monetary policy, Advanced econometrics, Time series forecasting, Money and banking, Fiscal policy and taxation E.T.C

not be considered or be made the CBN Deputy Governor but instead AISHAH AHMAD which until her appointment was in charge of the Consumer Banking Division at Diamond Bank Plc be made the Deputy Governor When Tiv nation is fortunate to be represented by people like;

3. Gov. SAMUEL ORTOM etc……… the APC ruling party, which makes it easier for them to lobby the corridors of power at the center. When are we going to learn?

When will pochocratic politics stop? They only care about winning elections but not placing the Tiv nation on the map.
Tiv people be wise!


Peter Sende Copied

The appointment of Aisha Ahmad as Deputy Governor at the CBN is most scandalous and unacceptable. The CBN is the nation’s monetary authority, exercising supervisory authority over the banking system. With this appointment, the central bank of Nigeria is now controlled by 4 commercial bankers at the helm of affairs. These are Godwin Emefiele (Governor),Adebayo Adelabu (Deputy Governor, Operations), Suleiman Barau (Corporate Services) and the newly appointed Aisha. The fifth is O.J. Nnanna, who now doubles as DG FSS and Policy Directorate. To entrust the nation’s central bank into the hands of commercial bankers is totally unacceptable. That aside, the new appointee does not have sufficient experience at the Management level for such high level appointment. She was appointed GM last year and ED only last month, packaged to make her look good for such a high level appointment. Is Buhari saying there are no qualified Nigerians for that position, even from the Middle Belt to which it is said to have been zoned? Is Bulgari aware that Niger state to which the new appointee hails from had produced a Deputy Governor at the CBN for a period of 10 years. Are there no other states in the North Central for this appointment to be rotated to unless to cronies of the President? Is the President not towing with the demands of his mandate? Is he taking Nigerians for granted and their patience? Is the Nigerian Senate which is screen this candidate aware? One if the newly appointed MPC member was recently appointed to CBN as a Deputy Manager based in his experience but now he has to become a member of CBN’s highest policy making body. Does the President know that an ED is equivalent of an Assistant Director at the CBN where Aisha how had to come and preside as Deputy Governor? The President should spare the country the agony of this appointment. Our Senate must ask all the necessary questions

Ayila Solomon They are useless myopic self seeking short sighted individuals,who care about no one else but their children and wives,mistresses,they cant be counted on for anything good but evil and their show of might starts and ends in Benue

Jir T. Jir The Tiv political leaders are sleeping please allow those who are ready to flow.

Samuel Apedzan dis pple re self centered beings who re concern wit only themselves nd notin else

Vernimbe Ephraim Tiv are very poor in the politics of negotiation and that is affecting us badly. That was even why Tarka’s alliance throughout his reigning days could not produce any positive result. I think they should humble themselves and ask David Mark who singlehSee more
Damian Atume EPRAIM thank you very much for your concluding sentence, m impressed with this question, you kno one thing with our ppl is that they don’t want to be noticed of their position in authority for fear of being disturbed by the youth and other obvious reasons ,but if things like this are happening to them, they will learn their lesson thanks

Ephraim Gbam Good observation,Mr Ephraim,that is how we are,the man himself may nt help any one by virtue of his position,Mr president is nt like us,we Christians a times we don’t even believe in our selfs,Buhari only believe in there religion.let’s just improve.

Vihiior Utile Now will know dat they bad pple, but when election comes we will still vote dem. so who is to be blame?

DoughDough T Barns AISHAH AHMAD may know next to nothing & she may be rotten & vile in all her ways yet her bloodline & race still sets her apart: she was “born to rule” & remains the head whilst people like MOSES K. TULE & the rest of many others were “born to serve” & remain thr tail. Did u expect things to be different in a Buhari administration?

Kuji Solomon Tiv nation are already in trouble with leader like akume n gemade. My pain is that educated people still worship n praise them in benue.

Ati Terkula Ukan sentiments apart, who knew Moses K. Tule? How does he identify with the Tiv nation?Did anyone know there was a Tiv son with this tall CV in CBN? This crop of Tiv elite create a hedge around themselves and live within that cocoon neither identifyinSee more

Mike Iwar That tail CV will ever stand Moses out, not now but later. The one thing is, our elites are not interested in Tivess, but God is interested in us.

Joe Terver Yet our ppl are still dancing with the taliban leader in Nigeria.

Ukile Jerry Sir UK.. Its so pathetic this our representatives don’t care about us.. Except abt there children and Themselves… Look at the level of electioneering campaigns and consultations that are on going as if elections are scheduled for next month…. WelcoSee more


Gba Moses Gba Its so sad to hear this.

Sam Iornem chaii so pitiable, God where have we wrong You???


William Ukor Buhari and the cabal that decides who gets this or that within the federal setup do what they like. I don’t think our senators can influence those ideologues to shift ground on anything they have decided to do.

Ukile Jerry Frankly speaking our leaders are not trying I respect David mark any time any day we missing such a figure in our part of the state… Aside that BUHARI has been so one sided and sentimental in his Appointments.

Ayima Isaac There r only for their interest

Friday Anura It is quite unfortunate n sad ,until our so called politicians learn how to be selfless in their game of politics we shall not go any where in Nigeria

Christopher Terdoo Tor-Tilley We have the wrong men in the right places! Secondly this will teach TIV nation a lesson, if GabSus were to he governor believe me he would have lobbied that position for TIV nation. B. Gemade is the TIV nation biggest error, he brought Akume, he gave David Mark the tickets to PDP and today we are paying dearly, God will not come down, because his spirit is with us, what is needful is taking a bold step backed with prayers and fasting, every thing will change, secondly TIV nation is suffering from Royal Father’s curse, we where warned not to go into politics, but hold on to agriculture and industrialization by our first TOR TIV, but as soon as he died in 1956, we started politics and see where we are today, if TIV mistakenly let go of governor ship position even for once that will be the end of the beginning of the caliphate rule in Benue. Our bargaining power in Nigeria remains agricultural industrialisation simple permit me to rest my case.
Ahembe Aondosoo God’s time, always remain the best.

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